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Friday, September 23, 2005

Money, money, money...

I was recently reading another blog, "Education on the Brink" ( about funding issues in education. Right now the discussion is centered on temporary financial assistance to the hurricane-ravaged South. A plan is necessary to get the thousands of displaced children back in school.
I think this situation has a lot to do with our crisis in early childhood education. We seem to throw money toward "quick fixes" to temporarily help certain early childhood sites. The fact remains, as I mentioned in an earlier entry, that early childhood educators and workers are grossly underpaid. This creates a serious situation when we expect these early childhood care-givers to guarantee the child is prepared for kindergarten. Somehow we need to provide long term financial assistance for early childhood educators to obtain a college degree and acquire the skills to understand the development of children. Teachers with these skills tend to create classroom atmospheres that are developmental and support the skills research indicates are appropriate for preschool children. Money placed in early childhood programs will reap rewards throughout the education system.


At 11:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I definitely agree with Mr. Funk, early childhood educators and workers are disgustingly underpaid. As a parent, I want the best education possible for my young children. I want a teacher who is knowledgeable about child growth and development, who is loving, caring and demonstrate a professional attitude in the classroom. It is a concern if many preschool teachers do not have the experience or educational training needed. As Mr. Funk said we need to find a long term solution to help early childhood educators obtain a college degree and acquire these important skills. My hope is then they would be paid amply for this critical work of teaching young children!

At 1:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To go along with that, I am continually amazed how may people in the ECE profession do not know a thing about child development. If some money could go directly to the education of those in the profession, that too would go along way in help thosedo what it is they need to do

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