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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Child Proofing the Yard

Last year we purchased a home built in 1919. We gutted the home and worked hard to renovate the entire inside (we did most of the work). This summer it is the yard that needs our attention. The 100+ temperatures, however, have narrowed our working time outside. We are redoing a pond and waterfall, as well as plants and trees. With everything we design we keep the grandchildren in mind. How to make the pond safe, where to built the playhouse, how to make it easy to gather eggs from our chickens, and so on. It is a joy to try to create a safe and fun place for our grandchildren.


At 5:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Funk,
What fun to build upon the last generation's efforts for your family and the coming generations. It certainly creates the sense of place we have in the succession of life, both for yourself and your grandchildren.

On safety in the outdoors: Please also keep an eye on the plant selection. Some popular plants (at least in our area) are pretty toxic. Of course, the best prevention in that area is education.

For years, I thought the phrase "Out-of-your-mouth" was one word, as did my children. The basic family rule was "Nothing goes in your mouth unless Mama says okay, particularly outside."

We have always had plants with fruits that can go in the mouth: figs, eleagnus, various herbs, some vegetables. We also have several landscape plants that are toxic: azaleas, nandinas, sago palm.

A good local nurseryman (or woman) is a great source of information for your particular area.


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