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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hot and Cold

This past week, I had the opportunity of doing workshops in Los Angeles and Anaheim, California as well as Atlantic City, New Jersey. When I boarded the plane in Anaheim, it was 92 degrees. When I deplaned in Philadelphia, it was in the 40's. Burrrrr...what a difference. Going from hot to cold made me think of all the visits I make to early childhood classrooms. The warmth and safety I feel when I visit a well-run appropriate classroom is exhilarating. The fear and anxiety I feel when I visit a classroom that is struggling leaves me with a cold, uncomfortable feeling. I am assuming that children feel the same way. We all know children who do not want to go to school. My fear is that they feel that same cold, uncomfortable feeling when entering the classroom. I would love to see all young children running to school because their classroom exhibited the warmth and safety that each child should feel.


At 9:28 PM, Blogger Matt and Jeannine said...

Today in my Intro. to Teaching class, we talked about what school is here for. We made a bunch of comments, but one in particular stuck out to me. It was about creating a warm and safe environment for students to come to. And how if that feeling of warmth isn't there, the child may not learn as much as they might have the potential to learn. I agree with you. Warmth and safety should be a priority when becoming a teacher.
-Jeannine Brenchley


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